General Motors Diet: Does It Help In Losing Weight?

General Motors Diet
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General Motors Diet

What exactly is the GM Diet (General Motors Diet) ?

The General Motors Diet is very popular all over the world for the fact it leads to very fast weight loss. GM diet is a 7-day diet plan created by the General Motors Corporation to help their employees lose and feel healthier. In contrast to other weekly plans like the Atkins and South Beach diets, this program gives you a complete breakdown of foods to eat on all the 7 days for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snaking.

The primary goal of the GM diet and its unique eating plan is to help you lose weight quickly. Reported weight loss is between 10 and 17 pounds per week and is very effective. In addition to the weight loss benefits, the diet will give you an abundance of energy and improved mood. It also helps to cleanse your system off impurities and give you a sense of well-being. You actually feel lighter emotionally and physically after following the diet plan for a week. In fact, some people follow the diet every 6 months to primarily cleanse and detoxify their bodies.

Does the GM Diet Plan Really Work?

Although the General Motors Diet plan has been very popular since its introduction in 1985, there are still questions about its effectiveness. Recent studies indicate that this eating plan can help in reducing excess weight quickly and effectively. While the normal weight reduction programs allow you to lose at most 1 pound per week, the GM diet plan can help you lose up to 10 lbs.

The plan involves a radical change of diet that may be overwhelming to first-time users. It focuses on limiting meat servings and increasing the intake of vegetables, fruits and water.

For maximum results, nutrition experts recommend that the diet be supplemented with routine exercises. Relying on the diet alone would leave an individual feeling weak and tired. Routine exercises for up to 10 minutes can help to increase the body’s metabolism and enable it to keep up with the diet requirements. Additionally, routine exercises allow followers of this diet plan to achieve the recommended energy levels and remain more productive.

How to Prepare for the GM Diet?

Like any other weight management regimen, the General Motors Diet has some side effects during the initial stages, such as occasional food cravings, excessive sweating, and momentary weakness. Those planning to follow the diet should be ready to withstand the side effects to achieve maximum results.

More importantly, you should make sure you have plenty of pure, clean water to drink every single day. Nutrition experts recommend that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. This will help to increase your metabolism and keep you energized. It also helps to prevent fatigue, muscle weakness or pain and increased heat that comes with shedding pounds quickly.

Alcohol must also be avoided altogether for the entire week. Alcohol hinders the effects of the diet and you may have difficulties losing weight. Alcohol also triggers fluid retention and prevents the body from excreting excess lipids in the body. The diet is meticulously designed to achieve maximum results. Do not mess with it or you may not get the expected outcome. Here are eight valuable tips on how to follow the GM diet plan.

Day 1: Consume all fruits throughout the day You can eat all fruits except bananas. The recommended fruits are watermelon and cantaloupe. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water. Another good option is to place a variety of fruits in a blender and pour in a thermos. This works well if you are headed out to work, school or wherever.

Day 2: Consume all the cooked or raw vegetables You may start your day with a large boiled potato for breakfast. You can eat all vegetables as salad, and use wine vinegar, herbs and lemon for flavoring. Avoid coconut and oil when cooking vegetables.

Day 3: Eat both vegetables and fruits Eat any preferred amount of vegetables and fruits. A quick way to consume them together is by combining them in a blender. Avoid bananas and potatoes.

Day 4: Milk and Bananas are the choices of the day Drink three of milk and eat as many as eight bananas. The calcium present in milk and potassium in the bananas are an integral part of the diet. On this day, you can also enjoy a bowl of vegetable soup.

Day 5: Time to Feast Enjoy a celebration meal of a cup of brown rice and six whole tomatoes. It is important to increase your water intake to help the body get rid of the uric acid. Aim for 12 to 15 glasses of water.

Day6: Consume unlimited amount of lean protein and vegetables On this day, eat one cup of brown rice, cooked or uncooked vegetables of your choice without oil and drink 8 to 12 glasses of water.

Day 7: Eat all vegetables you can consume The last day consists of eating one cup of brown rice, any vegetables and drinking all fruit juices.

Day 8: Time to weigh yourself On this day, you will be at least 10 pounds lighter than you were the previous week. If you want to lose more weight follow the program again.

Weight Loss Goals and Objectives

The main aim of the GM diet program is to assist middle-aged workers of the GM motors corporation to lose excess weight and live a healthier life. The diet plan was intended to help followers melt away excess fats as this increases the risk of various health problems that may affect their performance at the company. People planning to follow the General Motors Diet plan should have the following objectives:

• Lose excess weight to achieve the recommended BMI. • Achieve a cleaner body system through the cleansing and detoxifying effects.

• Reduce the risk of health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, arthritis and other conditions related to obesity.

• Get a better muscle-toned body through routine exercises When following the diet plan, it is essential to observe the timed weight reduction goals to prevent the side effects of the eating plan.

Some of these goals include following the diet program until the desired weight is achieved and using this weekly eating plan to maintain the attained weight and exercising regularly to prevent feelings of tiredness and other health risks.

Side effects of the General Motors Diet

Common side effects of this diet plan may include:

• Headaches and malaise during the first days of following the plan

• Incessant thirst and dehydration. Followers are advised to take more to prevent this problem

• Sudden muscle weakness. This condition is regulated once the body gets used to the nutrients by the foods in the regimen.

The final Verdict The General Motors Diet plan is one the most effective dieting plans in the world. If followed appropriately, it will not only allow you to lose weight, but also feel healthier and more relaxed.

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